What's the Deal With Bison Meat?

What's the Deal With Bison Meat?

Regina Yunghans
Oct 14, 2010

If you're a beef eater but are concerned about the fat and cholesterol, bison meat can be a terrific alternative. Available in the same cuts as beef, bison can be used in pretty much all preparations where you might otherwise use beef. It just has lower fat, cholesterol and calories:

On a recent visit to Lone Star Bison Ranch near Lawrence, Kansas (where the buffalo roam), I had the chance to taste their grassfed bison meat in the form of a burger prepared by the rancher himself. The meat is definitely leaner than hamburger, which you notice in the texture. But the meat is quite flavorful and not unlike beef.

The health benefits of bison over beef are significant. For instance, a serving of bison has only 2.5g of fat versus over 10g in beef. It's also substantially lower in calories (140 vs. 215) and somewhat higher in iron.

For much more on bison, check out this fact sheet from the USDA.

Have you tried bison. How do you like to use it?

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(Images: Valerie Shaff via Apartment Therapy New York)

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