What’s Up With Baking Eggs in Avocados?

published Aug 1, 2013
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For awhile now I feel like Pinterest has been swarming with eggs baked in avocados. Some of these recipes are plain, some have bacon, others are topped with cheese or even guacamole. For the most part they all look super pretty, as Pinterest photos are ought to be, but I just don’t get the appeal. Isn’t it just a hot pile of mush? Why would you ever want a warm avocado? 

A few of the blog posts I’ve read talk about the Paleo-friendly appeal, how easy it is to make, or the nutritional benefits, but I just don’t think I could get behind the texture. I’ve seen a few people spread it on bread which might be OK, but I think I’d rather just have cold avocado toast

I’m curious –– have you ever tried baking eggs in avocados? Did you like it? Am I completely missing the boat on this one? 

If you want to try the recipe pictured above, here you go: 

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