What’s the Cheese Used in Authentic Mexican Cooking?

published Feb 3, 2011
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Q: About a year and a half ago we moved to a different state, and had to leave behind our favorite authentic Mexican restaurant. I have been working to recreate these dishes at home, but I can’t figure out the cheese they use. It is a white, shredded cheese that has a very salty flavor. It is about the consistency of mozzarella, but has a much stronger flavor.

Is anyone familiar with what this might be?

Sent by Alaina

Editor: Alaina, I think that the cheese you’re looking for is queso fresco — a squeaky, salty farmer-style cheese found at Latin American groceries (and in some mainstream grocery stores as well). Here’s a little more about it:

It is also extremely easy to make at home. You can try making it with part goat’s milk and part cow’s milk for a really authentic flavor.

Readers, any more tips for Alaina?

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