What’s the Biggest Thing You’ve Ever Grilled?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s Grilling Month, and while we’ve been studiously avoiding the machismo that often accompanies grilling over an open flame, we can’t resist asking: What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever grilled?

We have vivid memories of an uncle turning an entire slab of lamb on a spit over his grill in blowing snow before Thanksgiving dinner, and another uncle grilling an entire turkey.

What’s your biggest, most memorable grilled meal? Spatchcocked chicken? Turkey for Thanksgiving? A whole pig? A giant fish?A massive zucchini? Or maybe just a really big burger. Tell us!

P.S. – Instructions for that really delicious-looking smoked turkey can be found at BBQ Junkie:
Smoked Turkey

(Image: Flickr member BBQ Junkie licensed for use under Creative Commons)


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