What’s the Best Way to Ship Homemade Granola?

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Q: First, I have to say: I absolutely love this website! My mother and I literally devour its contents, and send each other recipe ideas for each other’s dinners since we cannot be together very often.

Your website is a direct reflection of what good food does — it brings people joy, comfort, and togetherness. So thank you!

I have a brother who is currently overseas. I really want to send him a little bit of home, but we all know baked goods do not always hold up well once they’ve been traveling for over a week in a container. My question to you is in regard to a more substantial bit of baked goodness: granola.

My brother and I share a love of this crunchy, nutty, deliciousness, and I would love to send him some homemade granola to snack on. My biggest worry is in regard to preserving the freshness of the granola — should I use more/less of certain ingredients to extend the time of freshness? Do you recommend a particular way of packing the granola (plastic vs. glass vs. metal containers)? Do you have any additional suggestions? Thank you!

Sent by Allie

Editor: Thank you for your kind words! When shipping granola, I would recommend a recipe that makes a crunchier granola, which I think would last longer. No need to really alter the recipe, though, as a crunchy granola should last for weeks.

As for packing the granola and shipping, anything airtight will do, but I would stay away from glass since there’s the risk that it might break. You might want to consider packing the granola in a resealable plastic bag, and then placing that into a metal or plastic container so it doesn’t get crushed.

Readers, any suggestions on how to ship homemade granola?