What’s the Best Way to Reheat Mac & Cheese?

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Q: Not having grown up in the States, I didn’t know about mac and cheese until they started stocking it in the shelves here a few years ago. I always keep a box around in case of a hurried meal, but I’ve noticed that it just doesn’t taste as good when I reheat the leftovers.

I’ve tried using the microwave and oven, but the leftovers were still not as good as when fresh. Is there a way to reheat it without ruining the texture or flavor?

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Editor: I personally find the best way to reheat mac and cheese, especially the boxed variety, is to do it over low heat on the stovetop with a splash of milk and maybe a little butter since the pasta’s usually dried out a bit. With some vigilant stirring, it comes close to its original state!

Readers, how do you like to reheat mac and cheese?