What’s the Best Way to Preserve Pears?

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Q: I have a dozen pears sitting in my kitchen ripening, and I am about to get on the road for the next two weeks. I would like to save the pears and enjoy them later since they are so tasty. Can I freeze pears? If so, how should I do it? Dice them? Slice them? Do I peel them? Will they brown in the freezer?

Otherwise, what’s the best way to preserve them? Your expert advice is very much appreciated!

Sent by Ann

Editor: According to USA Pears, fresh pears that haven’t been processed don’t freeze very well. When thawed, the juice and fibers separate from one another, leaving an undesirable results.

A nice way to preserve and enjoy them later would be to use them as a pie filling. Mix the peeled, sliced pears with sugar and spices, then freeze until you’re ready to bake the pie. You can also consider making them into chutney or pear butter before leaving for your trip.

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Kitchn readers, have you ever preserved pears? Do you have any advice for Ann?