What’s the Best Way to Pack Kitchen Supplies for Storage?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: All of my kitchen supplies are going into storage for several months. I know how to wrap everything so it won’t chip or shatter, but should I be doing more?

All of my pots, utensils, spices, appliances, and alcohols will be packed away.

Should any of them be wrapped or cleaned in a special way before they’re stored? Have any of you ever taken a favorite cast iron skillet, cutting board, teapot, etc., out of storage only to find it unexpectedly stained, rusted, smelly, dried out, or otherwise damaged?

Thanks in advance for any help and for any of your kitchen packing tips!

Sent by Lucy

Editor: I’d pack these items just as I would if I were moving. Take care to wrap dishes, bowls, and glasses securely, and don’t forget to nest smaller items inside of larger ones.

Readers, what are your best tips for packing up a kitchen?