What’s the Best Way to Measure Half an Egg?

updated May 1, 2019
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Q: The majority of my cooking is only for two people. Because of this, I frequently cut recipes in half. When the recipe calls for three whole eggs, what is the best way to reduce that quantity by half?

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Editor: It depends on the recipe. If it’s a simple weeknight dinner recipe where the exact amount of eggs isn’t crucial to the success of the recipe, like a frittata or even a casserole, I just use a whole egg and don’t bother measuring. But if it’s a baking recipe or a recipe where the exact amount of egg is more important, I’ll whisk the egg until it’s pourable and eye-ball about half of it. You can also measure by weight: 1/2 a large egg equals about 1 ounce.

Readers, any advice on this?