What’s the Best Way to Freeze Stock to Avoid Freezer Burn?

(Image credit: Kelli Foster)

Q: I recently made some vegetable broth, which smells amazing as it’s simmering on my stove! I have a Tetra Pak soup carton that I recently emptied. Would it be possible to store the veggie broth in said Tetra Pak and freeze it without encountering any freezer burn or other problems in the freezer?

Any suggestions for safely freezing the broth would be greatly appreciated!

Sent by Amber

Editor: I think the only issue with freezing in the Tetra Pac is making sure it’s completely clean on the inside before freezing your broth. If you can wash it out with soap and water and are sure that it’s completely clean, then sure, I don’t see why you couldn’t freeze broth in there! Just be sure to leave enough room for the broth to expand as it freezes. Our other favorite way to freeze broth is in ice cube trays:

Readers, how do you freeze your homemade stock?