What’s the Best Way for Non-Coffee Drinkers Provide Coffee for Guests?

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Q: Help! How should non-coffee drinkers provide coffee for guests?

My husband and I never drink coffee, but I feel badly when our guests wander into the kitchen groggy and all we can offer is tea.

I know very little about coffee, but I’d like to provide something good (some friends are, ahem, coffee snobs), for it to be relatively easy, and not take up too much space when stored. I don’t mind picking up fresh coffee grounds before a visit, and something pretty is a plus since at least I can appreciate it! I think French presses look nice, but is that a good reason to choose one? What do coffee-drinking readers appreciate as a guest? Thanks for the advice!

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Editor: You’re on the right track by thinking of the French press, which is a great option for your particular situation for many reasons. Let’s see if I can further the case for this particular method of brewing as the best choice.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, a French press makes an excellent cup of coffee. French press coffee tends to be on the stronger side, but when prepared properly, a description of “strong” won’t ever be a mask for bitter. Bitterness is probably the biggest issue you’ll run into with the French press, but familiarizing yourself with this brewing method will save you the worry. And I suspect your coffee-drinking friends will appreciate the deep and bold coffee this methods makes.

Your French Press Guide: How To Make French Press Coffee

French press coffee pots — even the ones that hold up to 12 cups of coffee — are pretty small. Depending on the size of the crowd you’re entertaining, you can find one that immediately suits your needs. And since you’ll only use it to entertain, you can easily store it without it taking up lots of space.

And finally, don’t discount the sheer style a French press brings to the after-dinner coffee hour. There’s an understated elegance to brewing coffee in a way that requires a little ritual and finesse. If you master the French press, making a perfect pot of coffee to the surprise of your guest might be your next party trick.

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