What’s the Best Frosting for My Homemade Wedding Cake?

published Nov 20, 2015
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Q: I’m preparing to make my own wedding cake for my wedding in July of next year. I’m planning a three-tier sponge cake and I want to fill the layers with both jam/curd and buttercream, but I’m worried the buttercream in particular will melt and the cake will slump.

I’m planning to cover each layer in fondant icing. The cake will be standing in a marquee outside for several hours; the average temperature in the area in July ranges from 16°C (61°F) to 21°C (70°F), but it will quite possibly be warmer in the marquee.

Can I use the buttercream filling, or will it all just melt into a horrible mess and look dreadful?

Sent by Louise

Editor: Wow, making your own wedding cake — that’s really impressive! You could try a cooked buttercream or meringue frosting, which both tend to be a bit more stable since they’re cooked.

Kitchn readers, have any of you ever baked a wedding cake? Any advice for Louise on what the best types of filling and frosting would be so the cake holds up well throughout her wedding?