What’s the Best Drip Coffee Maker Under $200?

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Q: What’s the best drip coffee maker out there? We’ve been using a crappy Mr. Coffee that we’ve had to replace pretty much once a year. We grind our own coffee each morning. I love coffee; I can’t function in the mornings without it, and this is a serious problem for me.

We’re okay with spending up to $200, as long as it actually lasts.

Sent by Mary

Editor: As a fellow coffee lover, I feel your pain, Mary. After my last drip coffee maker died about a year ago, I switched to making pour over coffee and sometimes using a French press, and haven’t looked back since. Both make great coffee, and don’t take up quite as much counter space.

Here are some other suggestions for traditional drip coffee makers:

Kitchn readers, do you have any coffee maker recommendations for Mary? Is there one you really love?