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What’s the Best Countertop for Your Kitchen Style?

published Aug 6, 2018
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Choosing new kitchen countertops can be tricky. Partly, it’s the paradox of choice — there are just too many options! But you can easily get over that by narrowing it down based on your kitchen’s style. Countertops are one of the easiest ways to enhance (or detract from) your kitchen’s overall look, so we looked to the experts at Cambria to help identify the best countertop choices for the trendiest kitchen styles right now.

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Boho’s mix of old, new, classic, and quirky means you’ll definitely want to balance out all that character and color with a countertop that can keep a relatively low profile. Cambria’s Brittanicca does just that. It gives you the look of a classic marble countertop — but it’s actually quartz!

Paired with earthy colors and the vintage appliances and fixtures that characterize a Boho kitchen, this solid choice will bring a little bit of luxury into your kitchen while maintaining a free-spirited, carefree look.

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Even though it’s a little glam, Annicca is our top pick for any rustic kitchen. Its neutral background and sparkly gold veins complement the copper accents, wood grains, and warm lighting that bring rustic style into a kitchen. This quartz spin on the classic marble look is also low-maintenance. It never needs sealing or polishing, and won’t be at risk for absorbing stains like marble.

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In a space with geometric lines, muted colors, and a minimalist aesthetic, countertops can be a crucial design feature in a modern kitchen. Queen Anne is a great pick for modern style; its subtle veins inject just the right amount of energy and movement, freeing the space from too much geometry.

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If there’s any country that knows how to do a kitchen right, it’s France. And Summerhill is the perfect countertop to complement any French kitchen. This calm, understated countertop plays well with the pastel tones, wicker furniture, and patinated accents that define a French style. Plus, it’ll last a lifetime. Summerhill (like every Cambria surface) comes with a full lifetime warranty.