What’s Making Us Happy This Week: Everything You Need for Valentine’s Day

(Image credit: The Kitchn)

Fancy chocolate, heart-shaped pasta, and nostalgic candy are just a few of the Valentine’s Day things making us happy this week.

  1. 10 Piece Strawberry and Champagne Chocolate Box: Strawberries, champagne, and chocolate — it really doesn’t get any better.
  2. Cold Cold Heart 3D Ice Mold Set: Add a little romance to that signature Valentine’s Day cocktail with this heart-shaped ice cube maker.
  3. I Like You Oval Tray: Who wouldn’t like this lovely tray as a Valentine’s Day gift?
  4. Valentine’s Day Pasta: Yes, it’s cheesy (or at least we hope it is!), but a bowl filled with heart-shaped pasta is perfect for Valentine’s Day.
  5. Elegant Heart Cakelet Pan: Make cakes for all your Valentines with this mini cake pan.
  6. Ring Pops: We can think of no better holiday for enjoying a watermelon or raspberry lemonade ring pop than Valentine’s Day.