What’s Making Us Happy This Week

(Image credit: The Kitchn)

A positive dish towel, picnic-ready corkscrew, and olive oil potato chips are just a few of the things we’re loving this week.

  1. Dave’s Vanilla Coffee Syrup: It’s perfect over vanilla ice cream or for making coffee egg creams.
  2. “I Like You” Dish Towel: A fun collaboration between Fishs Eddy and Amy Sedaris—we’ll always take an ego boost in the kitchen.
  3. Picnic Corkscrew: You’ll need this compact corkscrew for the last weekend of summer.
  4. Bonilla a la Vista Olive Oil Potato Chips: Super-crispy potato chips with just the right amount of salt dusted on top, these chips from Spain even come in a fun tin!
  5. Kiel Mead Brass Coasters: These coasters are definitely pricey, but they would make a perfect off-registry wedding or shower present.
  6. Alfredo Carafe: The elegant combination of glass and oak in this carafe makes it a perfect gift.