What’s Cooking This Weekend…Weekend of May 31 – June 1, 2008

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s been a busy week – a short week, with Memorial Day just last Monday. We are thinking of big summer meals and salads out of our little garden. Here are a few things we’re considering doing this weekend and things that we especially enjoyed from the site this week. Read on to see our weekend reading picks and tell us what you’re cooking this weekend.

• We’re dicing onion and mincing garlic – have you seen our tutorials yet?

• Looking for a fast and easy spring dessert this weekend? Try our list of 9 best quick desserts, or just bake some fruit with a crumble on top.

• Or perhaps you’re skipping dessert in favor of a cocktail? Try our massive list of cocktails, organized by liquor.

• Going to the market? Check out what’s in season.

• We are also thinking about eating vegetarian more often.

• How’s your kitchen health? Take the LA county quiz and get a magnet to show your grade.

• Did you see the watermelon keg and Obama glow-in-the-dark kitchen accessory?

• Did you enter our VeggiChop food processor giveaway yet? We’re giving away a full dozen…

• Also, see this list of recipes for the graduate and new cook.

What are you cooking this weekend? Doing any gardening?

(Image: Faith Hopler)