What’s Cooking This Weekend?Weekend of May 25-26, 2008

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It’s Memorial Day weekend, and it has snuck up on us. The container garden is full of fresh and leafy greens, the sun is shining, and it feels like ice cream weather is just around the corner. We want to eat well, but the kitchen feels too far away from the gorgeous weather; it’s tempting to just sit outside in the sun.

What about you? Is it harder to stay inside and cook right now? Here are a few of our favorite food-related finds from the last week that won’t keep you in the kitchen too long (or at all).

• This mystery mill remains a mystery…
• Stay outside and have a burger with plenty of toppings.
Secret vegan carrot cake recipe
Cherries, cherries, cherries
• Cutlery for the park: chopsticks in your eyeglasses. Do they make a version for sunglasses?
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Really fast and easy meal – the egg and potato tortilla
• Going to the farmer’s market this weekend? Here’s what’s in season this month.
• Not a cocktail person? Try these delicious sparkling sodas instead.
• Top a quick egg salad or omelette with edible chive blossoms.
• SF-dwellers can pick up a tub of aubergine dip and skip the kitchen completely. Shhh – it’s just this once.

Don’t forget to come back Monday for a packed day of summer cocktails…