What’s Cooking This Weekend…Weekend of April 26-27, 2008

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Hey, it’s almost May! We see signs of new life and green growing things all around us. Are you planting herbs or vegetable seeds this weekend? That’s on our to-do list, along with many other things. Tell us what’s cooking in your kitchen this weekend. Here’s our agenda…

• Taking stock of our essential savory and sweet pantry basics.
• Practicing our onion dicing skills.
• Planting seeds for lettuce and herbs.
Making a birthday cake (two, actually).
Ripping up mint and putting it back in a pot. Cooking with it too.

More below…

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
• Sighing for a trip to Paris – we’ll make do with Clotilde’s tour for now.

Drinking margaritas.

• Cooking canned tomatoes and spring radishes.

• Still working on that sourdough starter and fresh sprouts.

Reorganizing the pantry shelves

What are your weekend plans?