What’s Cooking This Weekend?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Happy weekend, Kitchn friends! What’s cooking in your kitchen this Valentine’s weekend? Something delicious, we hope. (Something like the adorable egg-in-the-basket pictured above?) Take a look at a few sweet posts from the past week and tell us: What’s cooking this weekend?

• Tips on caring for a wood dining room table. (Mayonnaise!)

Parmesan soup stock is truly amazing stuff.

Egg-in-avocado-basket — would you try this?

• A tiny yet soulful kitchen and a kitchen renovation with room for what’s important: wine and books.

• Some thoughts on eating alone.

• Love wine and chocolate? How to put them together.

Happy weekend, and happy cooking!

(Image: Carey of Petite Kitchenesse)