What’s Cooking This Weekend?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Happy autumn weekend! The pressure of the holidays hasn’t quite descended yet, but the weather is crisp and cold, so this is the perfect time to make something a little special this weekend. Maybe a batch of pumpkin cinnamon rolls? What are you cooking this weekend?

Here are a few notes and recipes from The Kitchn’s past week.

• The Kitchen Cure is moving into its last weekend! How has it been going so far? Here’s your final assignment: restock kitchen ingredients and tools.

• Which fruits and vegetables do you peel?

• What is hominy?

Meaty dinners for fall evenings.

• An alternative to canned condensed soups.

• Two delicious weekend meals: Quick udon noodle soup and roasted chestnut rice.

• Great ways to beautify your kitchen.

(Image: Wes and Kayla from Wes, Kayla & Bacon’s Brookline Remix )