What’s Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of July 18-19, 2009

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What’s cooking this weekend, folks? Are you grilling? Gardening? Having a summer cocktail on the back stoop? Tell us what’s on your menu this weekend, and peruse this roundup of the past week at The Kitchn. We’ve got lots of good recipes and tips to fuel your cooking this weekend!

The photo up above is of some sweet potatoes, sliced and rubbed with olive oil, then grilled until tender. Yum!

• We just kicked off our food guides for cooks and food-lovers for some major cities. So far we’ve covered Vancouver, Seattle, and Boston. Lots more coming up next week!

• Some good tips for building your own kitchen island.

• Good tools: dripless soap dispenser, 2-quart ice cream maker, a cherry pitter, a bread machine, and a mystery gadget that’s very handy this time of year.

• Stay cool with frozen banana pops and these tips for keeping a cool summer kitchen.

• Two ways to remove a stubborn fruit pit: One with a knife, and one with a handy little gadget.

• Ever wonder why soda explodes when shaken, or why we still have squash after eating so many squash blossoms?

• Have you tried the granola with olive oil yet? It’s on our weekend cooking plan.

• Forget summer camp; let’s all go to BaconCamp.

• It’s time to think about canning and preserving. Here’s a batch of sauerkraut, jars of green walnut liqueur, and a little pot of jam to get you going.

• One last way to beat the heat: boozy granitas, like slushies for grownups!

Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you back here Sunday for Dana’s always-lovely Weekend Meditation.

(Image: Faith Durand)