What’s Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of May 16-17, 2009

What’s cooking, folks? What’s fresh right now in your neighborhood? Are the ripe tomatoes showing up markets in the lucky southern parts of the country? Or are you still enjoying ramps, new peas, and rhubarb? We just planted our own tomato, cucumber, and pole bean vines, so harvest feels a long way off. We’ll be eating whatever fresh fruit we can find at the market this weekend! What about you?

Here are a few good ideas for making the most of your seasonal food in good food, drink, and kitchen work this weekend.

• We are almost finished with the Kitchen Cure! This week: Meal planning.

• For all that spring rhubarb: how to make rhubarb syrup.

• A real-life “kitchen gadget”.

• A few great websites all about cheese.

• Have you ever tried truffle salt or lavender salt?

• We kicked off a new feature this week: guest posts! Tim of Lottie + Doof brought us benne wafers; Chichi showed us her chalkboard fridge; Meryl showed us how to hunt and fry morels; Leela gave us a gorgeous spring pizza, and Megan showed us a Manet still-life incarnated in cake. Thank you everyone!

• Carry a pie and a cake at the same time – brilliant.

• What’s a comal?

(Image: Sean Galland from House Tour: Matt’s Eclectic Luxury)