What’s Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of April 11-12, 2009

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Happy weekend! It’s Easter, Passover, and spring all at once. What are you cooking? Surely you’re cooking something splendid this weekend! We have plans for spring asparagus, fresh boiled eggs, a leg of tender, succulent lamb rubbed with cracked spices, and a tangy lemon cake. What about you? What are you cooking? Here are a few ideas from The Kitchn to get you thinking.

• What’s mascarpone, anyway?

• What’s your comfort food?

• Good things to do with onions and with naked lemons.

Chicken in coconut milk with lemongrass.

• Two brunches: one elegant but frugal, and one neurotic.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for all of your interesting, helpful, and wonderful comments this week. Have a great weekend!

Image: Czech houska bread for Easter a couple years ago. Recipe is here:

(Image: Faith Durand)