What’s Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of April 4-5, 2009

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What’s cooking this weekend? Are you having spring weather yet? Picnicking in the park? Or are you still braising and simmering with classic winter comfort food? Either way, it’s a great weekend to be in the kitchen. Here are a few ideas for eating, drinking, and cooking from the last week.

Oh, and that plate of gorgeous sandwiches above is from Katin and Brandon’s Casual Kitchen tour. So delicious! Makes us want some asparagus right now.

• Simple kitchen solutions: a pretty towel hook, and a recipe holder hack.

• Have you tried goat yet? Apparently goat is the new lamb. Here’s a recipe for succulent goat shanks.

Tiny IKEA and Sudie’s Pocket Renovation: two small but inspiring kitchens.

• Some good ideas for cooking with friends! Your experiences with dinner co-ops, Maria’s $79 dinner party for a crowd, tips for plating food, and a cookbook too.

• 15 maybe-good-things from IKEA for the kitchen.

• A deliciously unique fruit cobbler.

• Early Easter treats: how Peeps are made (and a DIY recipe too) and a gallery of gorgeous spring cookies.

• Two cheeses to try: ricotta salata, and Humboldt Blue Fog (not a blue cheese).

• Look! DIY Girl Scout cookie recipes – buy a box and make a batch too.

• What kind of cuisine did you grow up with?

• Peanut butter is a good thing. Try barely-baked and completely no-baked peanut butter treats.

Have a wonderful weekend!

(Image: Kayla Hicks for Apartment Therapy)