What’s Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of March 14-15, 2009

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It’s the weekend already! What’s cooking? It was a busy week here at The Kitchn; we’re chock-full of good recipes and ideas for weekend cooking. There were those ridiculously silly cake balls, as well as more practical ideas for things like morning oatmeal, homemade pasta, twice-baked potatoes, skillet desserts, and Jamie Oliver’s gingerbread. Oh, and meat. Lots of meat.

For these ideas and more good eating, drinking, and weekend cooking, read on!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

• Cake pops! Silly and lots of work. But, uh, here’s how to make them, because we know you want to.

• Lots of meat advice this week, as we focused on beef: why grass-fed beef is preferable, tips on safely storing beef, how and why to preseason your meat, and old-fashioned butchers in your own neighborhood.

• Not eating beef, or meat at all? No problem! Try celeriac and carrot salad or that old vegetarian standby: portobello mushrooms. (Vegetarians, tell us: what are you eating this weekend?)

• We got to peek into some really lovely kitchens this week: Susy’s meticulously organized galley (so inspiring!), ceramic artist Diana Fayt’s tranquil baker’s paradise, and the Paris sanctuary of Pierre Hermé himself.

• Do you like gingerbread? We do. Here’s Jamie’s recipe for Grasmere gingerbread.

• Need breakfast ideas? Try toast and cocoa or awesomely good oatmeal.

• Are you curing corned beef for St. Patrick’s? Here’s what mine looks like right now.

• Vegetarians and vegans: When did you stop eating meat?

• Twice-baked potatoes, once and twice.

• Want to make pasta this weekend? Check out my Italian mother-in-law’s tips, plus ideas for drying pasta in a small kitchen.

• Warm up with a hot Irish whiskey skin, or drink a beer with some spicy food.

Come back tomorrow for a special interview with a real-live rancher who raises grass-fed beef on his California farm.

(Images: Faith Durand)