What’s Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of January 17-18

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Light a fire in your kitchen this weekend! That’s our advice for beating off the freezing cold; there are way too few degrees on the thermometer right now. So heat it up! Fire up the oven, or the gas burners, or just light up a few chili peppers in your weekend batch of stew. The more heat, the better.

Here are a few more ideas for heating up your kitchen this weekend through cooking, eating, and maybe some drinking too.

Easy, make-ahead, and portable breakfast ideas. More than 25 great ideas in the comments, too.

• Lighter pasta! 8 light yet rich pasta sauces and a tip on making use of pasta water for creamier sauces.

• Cheese and wine recommendations: stinky cheese and lighter-alcohol Riesling.

• Here’s a great tip for making easier stock at home.

Stewed prunes: far, far more delicious than you might think.

• Beans are the centerpiece of our lighter menus this month: try this polenta and beans recipe with homemade tomato sauce, and check out this book too.

• Why don’t pigs make cheese? As always, there are some fascinating comments, including one from a pig farmer.

Have a great weekend! It’s a long one; Martin Luther King Jr. Day is Monday, and we’ll have a few special posts on Inauguration Day eating and drinking.