What’s Cooking This Weekend?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Happy long weekend, folks! What are you cooking over this Labor Day weekend? What are you doing with all that extra kitchen time? I’m planning a family birthday cake and a brunch. (Thinking about this apple cinnamon yogurt cake for birthday brunch!) What about you? Are you indulging in late summer fruit and vegetables? Tell us all about it, and take a look at a few good posts from the past week too.

Bite-sized snacks that are easy to prepare.

• My favorite way to preserve tomatoes. Also, what do you do about a tomato thief?

• A favorite product from Trader Joe’s.

• This marshmallow pie with fresh fruit is the yummiest-looking thing I’ve seen all week!

Cheese in a can, made by students? Oh yes, and it’s delicious, says our Cheesemonger.

Happy weekend, and happy cooking!

(Image: Emma Christensen)