What’s Cooking This Weekend?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Spring is here, and it brings opportunity for picnic lunches outside in the sunshine. Are you taking a picnic to the park this weekend? What are you cooking up in your kitchen? Take a look at a few posts from the past week that you may have missed, and tell us: What are you cooking this weekend?

• Two unusual yet delicious things: Savory avocado doughnuts and cranberry granola balls.

• What are the best no-refrigerate, no-reheat lunches? A few ideas from our readers.

• This reader wants to know how to make great sweet potato fries!

• Do you drink water (or anything else) with your meals?

Strawberry-Nutella Pop-Tarts! They are actually so simple, too.

• Tip from Prune chef Gabrielle Hamilton: Fry your grilled cheese sandwich in mayonnaise.

Portable Japanese rice balls — a simple lunch idea.

Looking for glass lunch containers that nest or stack well.

• We love and covet the blue cabinets in this jam-maker’s Los Angeles kitchen.

Happy weekend and happy cooking!

(Image: Faith Durand)