What’s Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of December 6-7

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Can you believe it? Christmas is three weeks away; the economy is in a recession; the weather’s awfully cold and dreary. But you know what? The kitchen is warm, and we have all sorts of ways as cooks of creating our own warmth and cheer. You don’t need to spend any money or go outside into the cold weather this weekend; you can be nourished and refreshed in your own kitchen.

Here are a few recipes, ideas, and good discussion points to send you on your way this weekend.

Good food and drink for the weekend

• Have you ever made pet treats at home? Here are lots of good recipes and tips.

• What are your favorite December recipes?

• An inspiring, vibrant, warm-you-up kitchen spotlight from San Francisco.

• Eat a bowl of soup this weekend! We’ve got tomato cashew soup, a healthy bowl of kale and apple, cream of celery with bacon, and a clean-out-your-fridge version of lentil soup.

• Watching Top Chef? Here’s our recap of this week’s episode.

• Drinking: good value wines from the south of France and a return to a once-banned liquor, in honor of Repeal Day.

• Look! A two-pound wheel of Brie for $12.99.

Come back tomorrow; we’ll have a recipe for that dazzlingly bright orange tart above. Have a wonderful, warm, and nourishing weekend.

(Image: Faith Durand)