What’s Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of November 22-23

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It’s the last weekend before Thanksgiving, and we still have pies on the brain. Thing is, we’ve also got stuffing, turkey, cranberry sauce, and sweet potatoes on our minds. What about you? What are you cooking this weekend? Are you prepping for the big meal next week? Or are you just keeping it relaxed?

We’re going to round out our pie coverage this weekend as we finish off the voting for the best Original Pie in our Bakeoff. We’re also going to show you, start to finish, just how we make a pie crust – a last minute refresher before Thanksgiving! We’ll also have recipes for fresh fruit tarts, like apple-quince and another surprise fruit. Until then, here’s a roundup of some great cooking, eating, and reading from The Kitchn this past week.

• Get ready for Thanksgiving! Here’s a roundup of some of our Thanksgiving tips and good ideas. Good pointers in the comments, too.

• This cheery champagne cocktail looks easy and delicious. We’ll be trying it out this weekend! For more on holiday drinks, check out Mary’s roundup of holiday wines and recommendation to keep it simple (And budget-friendly).

• Have you voted for your favorite Original Pie in our Bakeoff voting yet?

• Looking for one more Thanksgiving side dish? Take a tour through this gallery of Thanksgiving side dishes and this one of white and sweet potato recipes. Check out the appetizers too.

• Nutmeg was big this week; we told you all about this versatile spice and showed you a nutmeg grinder we pine for. Also, is fresh nutmeg more potent?

• How are you cooking your turkey?

• No turkey? Try tofu loaf instead.

• Are carrots on the menu this week? Don’t forget to try these cute carrot flowers.

See you Saturday bright and early with tips on making a great pie crust (and reminders on how it’s really not that hard), plus more recipes and the last voting in our Pie Bakeoff. Happy baking!

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