What’s Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of November 8-9

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We’ve been talking a lot about pies this week, and we baked one yesterday that reminded us why a good pie is a mouthstopper of a treat. We can’t take much credit for it, though; it involved very few ingredients and was mostly about the fruit. Sweet, jammy blackberries, fall apples, and spicy sugared ginger, loaded into one of those vodka pie crusts. (Have we mentioned how much we like pie for breakfast?)

We’ll share the recipe with you on Saturday as a weekend treat, but until then, here are a few more ideas for good cooking and good eating from The Kitchn.

Good reading (and eating) from The Kitchn

• This week was all about an historic Election Day. Here are some of the things we ate.

• Check out the first entry in our Best Pie Bakeoff.

• Speaking of that Pie Bakeoff, are you going to enter?

• And if you’re not entering, are your reasons somewhere in this list?

• Eat meat for less: try cooking with salt pork and other cheap cuts of meat.

• Best kitchen-themed calendars for 2009!

• Silly gadgets: built-in-thermometer frying pan and the Rotato.

• Spice up your cooking with all these great tips on boosting flavor.

• Want a celebratory drink this weekend? Try a cozy whisky or good Pinot Noir under $20.

Have a wonderful weekend!

(Image: Faith Durand)