What’s Cooking This Weekend, Jenni and Mike?

(Image credit: Jayme Henderson)

This week Jayme introduced us to Jenni Lyons and Mike Burns of Happy Leaf Kombucha, a small-batch kombucha maker out of Denver. We learned how they turned their hobby into a business, what to expect the first time you try kombucha, how to pair kombucha with food, and what a giant, industrial-sized scoby looks like. (It’s kind of scary — not gonna lie.)

Now the only question left to ask is: What’s cooking this weekend, Jenni and Mike?

What are you cooking this weekend?

Answered by Jenni

This weekend I am co-hosting an Unplugged Retreat in Estes Park where I will be doing all of the meal planning and cooking. So I will be cooking a lot! One thing I will be doing with a friend and one of the attendees is making authentic Gumbo from scratch. She is from Louisiana and knows her Southern cooking, which I am super excited to learn.

What is your favorite time to cook at home?

I love to cook on days off, where I can plan a meal or a couple meals and slowly put it all together, enjoying the process of creating something delicious.

Is there an ingredient wildly inspiring to you right now?

Cracking open a jar of preserved lemons from last year had me going in so many directions. Bright and salty, a little sweetness but still has the fermentation tang.

What do you love about cooking in your home kitchen?

At home, I don’t feel the pressure of making something perfect. While that is always the goal, I know that if something doesn’t turn out restaurant-ready we will still eat it and be happy for the opportunity to have fun with our food.

What do you wish someone would cook for you this weekend?

I wish Mike would make me Ropa Vieja. It is ridiculously amazing and I have been asking for it for a while now. *wink* *wink*

Thanks, Jenni and Mike!

Now readers, it’s your turn: What are you cooking this weekend?