What’s Cooking This Weekend, Jade Keller?

(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

This week we’ve been visiting with Jade Keller, who lives with her husband and son in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We peeked into her kitchen, saw her beloved wedding dishes, and heard how she uses baking to connect with at-risk kids.

And now it’s time for the big question: What’s cooking this weekend, Jade?

What are you cooking this weekend?

My goal this weekend is to bake some carrot cake muffins. I’m eyeing this recipe from Little Spice Jar. The use of coconut oil and Greek yogurt to keep them moist is intriguing.

What inspired you to make what you’re cooking?

I’m on the hunt for things I can make for my toddler to eat that don’t simultaneously drive me insane. He’s not generally a picky eater, but he can be if the mood strikes. I was going mad trying to make meals for him only to have him snub them as soon as they were ready, or after only a bite or two. He likes to graze instead of eat full meals, so I need things that are easy to grab and nibble at whim. These muffins sound easy enough, I can sneak in some veggies and other healthy things in his diet, and if he doesn’t finish them, I will!

What do you love about cooking dinner in your home kitchen?

We eat out a lot and there’s so much variety available in Chiang Mai, but I love cooking at home because I can put together flavors and tastes that just aren’t really available elsewhere, or experiment with fun ideas, and there’s something just so hearty and satisfying about a simple home cooked meal. Sometimes those are better than the fanciest dishes at a restaurant.

Thanks so much Jade! Readers, your turn — what’s cooking in your kitchen this weekend?

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