What’s Cooking This Weekend, Henry and Camille Storch?

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This week Camille Storch shared the life and business of her husband, Henry Storch, a migratory beekeeper and co-owner of Old Blue Raw Honey in Wren, Oregon. We learned why Henry heads to California every February; how he gears up for the honey flow, harvests, and extracts honey from his fields; and the most important things we should know when shopping for honey.

There’s only one question left: Camille and Henry, what’s cooking this weekend?

What are you cooking this weekend? What inspired it?

As answered by Camille.

We’re headed to a birthday pie party tonight, so this afternoon, I’ll be baking two pies: a kabocha squash-honey pie made with homegrown squash, and some peach-berry combination made with fruit I picked and froze last summer. We don’t have an oven in our very small home, so I’ll bake them in my trusty barbecue (using this method). I ALWAYS use this pie crust recipe because it’s the only one that consistently turns out well for me, and I was also thinking about fancying up my pies with some of Tara Jensen’s pie decorating techniques. Tara never ceases to inspire me with her Instagram feed, @bakerhands, full of the most irresistible-looking pies and baked goods.

I was pretty lukewarm on fennel for the longest time until Rachel Roddy posted a formula for a simple fennel salad in her vegetable-filled Instagram feed (@rachelaliceroddy): thinly sliced fennel tossed in lemon juice, good olive oil, and Maldon salt. It’s so simple, but so crunchy, refreshing, and very springy, that I make it at least once a week now.

I’ve recently jumped on the kombucha bandwagon, but I got tired of buying bottles of my beloved Dr. Brew ‘Clear Mind’. A friend gave me a scoby, so now I’m a few weeks into brewing my own kombucha with pretty good success. I was worried that homemade kombucha might have that essence of flat compost water that some unpleasant commercial varieties express, but I seem to be on the right track so far. Sarah Minnick, owner of Lovely’s Fifty Fifty in Portland, poured me a glass of her nettle kombucha, and I was wowed by the flavor even though I’m not generally a big fan of nettles. I think that might be the infusion I try next.

Are there any ingredients that are wildly inspiring to you right now?

The beautiful weather we’ve been having here in Oregon has made our overwintering kale plants grow like crazy. I’ve been trying to keep ahead of the flowering shoots they’re producing by harvesting the raab every couple days. My favorite kale recipe of the moment is a variation of Heidi Swanson’s Lacinato Kale and Pecorino Salad. I always sub in homemade hazelnut butter for the tahini, and I often swap raisins for the green olives and use whatever alliums I have on hand.

Our laying hens have similarly noticed that the equinox is upon us, and now the daily egg gathering is almost overwhelming. I feel like we have a million dozen eggs on hand, so I’m trying to include an egg or two in nearly every meal. In addition to the many combinations of eggs and kale I eat on a regular basis, I’ve also done citrus curd, barbecue-baked challah, and crepes. Now I’ve got my eye on Deb Perelman’s Potatoes with Soft Eggs and Bacon Vinaigrette.

What do you wish someone else would cook for you this weekend?

I don’t generally eat a lot of meat, but when I was in Portland last week, I uncharacteristically ordered a brisket sandwich at P’s & Q’s Market, and I was kind of blown away by how delicious it was. While I feel like it would be worthwhile for me to perfect my brisket technique, I would love it if someone came over and prepared a week’s worth of brisket sandwich meat for me.

And if anyone wants to bring me a Key lime pie, I certainly wouldn’t refuse!

Thanks for sharing, Camille!

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