What’s Cooking This Weekend, Charlie Marshall?

(Image credit: Pablo Enriquez)

This week we visited the small New York City kitchen of chef Charlie Marshall, head chef and owner of farm-to-table eatery The Marshal in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. Charlie shared a few of his pro cooking tips with us, including the one thing he always has in his freezer, his favorite chef’s knife, and the terrific kitchen cart he can’t live without.

So there’s only one question left to ask: Charlie, what’s cooking this weekend?

What are you cooking this weekend?

This weekend I am having friends over for brunch. I’ll be doing smoked deviled eggs, charcuterie and cheese, homemade pickled onions, and egg and cheese crostini with cured ham. The theme? It can all be made the day before (except the crostini) so I can sleep in on Saturday and still have time with my guests while I get brunch ready.

What inspired you to make what you’re cooking?

Winter is a hard time to host a brunch when you are a locavore like me. People often want berries, fresh fruit juices, etc, and those thing just aren’t around in the Winter in NY. So I do a lunch-ier version where I can still incorporate the other favorite brunch item – eggs!

When is your favorite time to cook at home?

I love to have friends over for a late dinner – in this business we are used to eating late and as long as there are things to nosh on I find my guests don’t mind eating as late as 9 or 9:30.

Is there an ingredient wildly inspiring to you right now?

Verjus! I love it and have completely replaced lemon juice in my cooking with it. There is a great verjus (called Verjooz) from upstate that I really love for cooking. In cocktails I prefer to use Wolffer Estate’s verjus from Long Island. They are both excellent in their own way.

Thanks so much, Charlie! We so appreciate the advice and the peek into your cooking life.

Readers, your turn — what’s cooking?