What’s Aquaoir? Aging Wine in the Ocean

(Image credit: Mira Winery)

Forget terroir — the newest experiment in wine making is aquoir, or aging wine underwater.

Mira Winery in Napa Valley coined the term and developed special cages that enable them to age their bottles in the ocean.

As it turns out, wine ages more rapidly underwater, thanks to differing pressure conditions than on land.

Where in the world did Mira Winery come up with this idea? Shipwrecks! Thanks to new technology that has allowed the recovery of more shipwrecks in the past several years, wine connoisseurs have discovered that the bottles found in the wreckage are incredibly well-preserved.

This gave Mira Winery the idea to try to their own aquatic aging. Wine under the sea and whiskey in space, what’s the next frontier of aging alcohol?