What’s a Great Appetizer for a Halloween Party? Good Questions

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: I need to bring an appetizer to a Halloween party. I have seen a lot of recipes for desserts, but I need something savory and spooky. Any suggestions?

Sent by Hilary

Editor: Hilary, first of all, look for a roundup of some of the best Halloween parties from around the web later today. There will be even more ideas in there. Having said that, here are two appetizer ideas we really love right now.

Fall Leaf Tortilla Chips, from Eddie Ross – Simple, easy, brilliantly good looking! Serve with some chunky green guacamole.
Rest in Peas, from Martha Stewart – Really creepy!

Readers, what are your suggestions for spooky, savory Halloween appetizers?

(Images: Eddie Ross; Martha Stewart)