What’s a Good Beginner Cookbook with Easy Recipes and Accessible Ingredients?

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Q: My brother recently found a passion for cooking, but as far as I know, he only knows the basics we were both taught at home (basic preparation of proteins, rice, pasta, and chicken stock, and cooking three to four kinds of vegetables, etc.).

I want to get him a solid cookbook as a gift, but here’s the catch: he lives overseas, and doesn’t have access to a lot of ingredients that are common in the US. Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and tropical ingredients are easy to get where he is, though.

What’s a good, generic cookbook with easy recipes that don’t rely too much on ingredients like kale, miso, or jalapeno peppers? I don’t want something too themed, but rather a solid base he’ll use for the rest of his life.

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Readers, what books would you recommend?