What Your Favorite Type of French Fry Says About You

updated May 30, 2019
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You might think your friends know a lot about you — or even that you’re pretty self aware, but the true test of finding out more about yourself lies in your favorite fried side: the french fry.

Read on for what your pick says about you.

1. Curly fries

You’re the life of every party (obviously). Always the first one to get the dance floor going and the last one to want to head home, you believe that everything in life should be fun, first and foremost. You never like to take anything too seriously, and always try to indulge your inner child, whether that means having mac and cheese for dinner (and not the fancy kind with lobster or breadcrumbs, either), eating nothing but ice cream and popcorn all day, or curling up for a binge session of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. You see the good in everyone, and at the end of the day, that’s never a bad thing.

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2. Sweet potato fries

You consider yourself a bit of a trendsetter amongst your group of friends, always introducing people to a cool new band you discovered on YouTube, or the new book they should be reading before Reese Witherspoon posts about it. You get a little nostalgic from time to time, which is something your friends joke about and also totally love. Your next vacation destination is Iceland and your favorite food is a Maine lobster roll (luxurious, but not too over the top). And you can’t wait to Instagram both.

3. Waffle fries

People think of you as a savvy business person, and a great negotiator. You’re also not afraid to mix things up, whether that means a last-minute getaway to some far-flung destination, or chopping your hair off on a whim. You don’t throw parties all that often, but when you do, the menu is always a surprise (in a good way!) and your friends are always blown away.

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4. Crinkle-cut fries

There’s something just a little different about you that sets you out from the rest of the crowd. You’re a hard worker and your boss knows that you’re also the most creative one in the office. You can be super serious during the day when you need to be, and then you flip a switch and Weekend You comes out. You know how to make the best of any situation, which means people love being around you.

5. Shoestring fries

You’ve got a classic aesthetic and an eye for true quality. You favor routine because it brings order and happiness into your life. Your wardrobe is filled with timeless silhouettes, and you feel passionately that there’s nowhere a classic LBD can’t take you if you mix it up with the right accessories. You believe firmly in moderation, and you don’t go anywhere without your trusty Bullet Journal.

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6. Steak fries

You’re the first one in line for a new museum exhibit opening, and dream of one day living in Paris. You keep a record collection in your apartment because you have a strong affinity for classics. You’ve always been a really solid shoulder for all your friends to lean on — you’re loyal and are proud that you’ve had some of the same friends since kindergarten. You believe in good, old-fashioned quality, and you never give into the trends.

7. Cheese fries

You’ve always lived on the edge, and reveled in taking every experience you sign up for to the next level. From your sports (extreme) to your travel (far and often, please), you’ve always loved a challenge, and never wanted to settle for mediocrity. You’re not super picky — you just want to have the best, most intense version of everything. If you’re going to have a pizza, it’s going to be the best damn pizza in town.

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8. A healthyish version of fries

There’s no workout class you haven’t tried. You know how to make a lunch salad for the office that you can eat without feeling like you’re having a salad for lunch. People always ask you how to manage to do so much in a day. (It’s like you never sleep, yet still have all the energy.) You’re reliable, the planner among your friends, and indulge yourself in all the right ways.

Some Recipes to Try

What’s your favorite kind of French fry? Did we nail your personality?