This Is What Your Favorite Fromage Says About You

This Is What Your Favorite Fromage Says About You

Ariel Knutson
Jul 14, 2016
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Let's talk fancy cheese — specifically French cheese, or fromage, if you will. While you might find a couple of the basics at you local grocery store, maybe a brie or a camembert, it'll take some more work to get a slew of the other great cheeses France has to offer. So when you're finally presented with an array of different cheeses from France at a great cheese shop, what do you reach for? Close your eyes and follow your heart and don't think about all the money you're about to spend. Your choice can say a lot about who you are.

We want to know: What's your favorite French cheese? Got it? Now let us tell you what that says about you as a person.

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If you love Brie, than you're a crowd-pleaser. You're a softie at heart, and are generally very laid-back. You're always invited to the party because you make people at ease and you keep the conversation going. People simply like being around you, so keep up the good work.

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If you love Camembert, you're sophisticated but not a snob. You're the kind of person who would get into an Ivy League school, but not feel the need to brag about it. You're smart, and as you mature you smooth out and shine in a whole new light. You have a soft spot for dessert.

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If you're best friends with Roquefort, then you're a high-class human being. You're the king of your friend group, and with good reason. Those who don't know you might just think you're rich and unpleasant, but you have a way of capturing people in your spell. Remember to be kind whenever possible.

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If you can't get enough of Comté, then you're a balanced individual. You're probably a Libra. You are firm yet soft; you're a social butterfly, but also like going out into the woods by yourself. You're very versatile, and can adapt to whatever is happening around you. Stay true to yourself and you'll become a star.

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If you have a crush on Ossau-Iraty, then you're meant to be living in the country. Maybe somewhere on a farm where things are extra grassy and fertile. You have a tougher skin, but on the inside you're a little bit mushy. You're rich in passion and energy, and you should use them for good things.

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If your favorite French cheese is Époisses, then you're powerful and bold. You demand certain things to be met or achieved, and you always get your way. Some might find you bossy, but you get the job done. Sometimes you get so busy that you forget to shower (so stinky!), so maybe try and work on that.

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Bleu d'Auvergne

If you pine for Blue d'Auvergne, you're elusive and dark. Every year, you run off to a cave to chill for a bit, and when you come back you're oddly salty and rich. You're not one for personal hygiene, but your scent doesn't come off as unpleasant. You're mysterious, but people are drawn to you.

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If you love Livarot, then you have an old soul. You're full of character as you mature and grow, but you're also easy-going. You tend to absorb what's going on around you, but try not to let the negative things impact you too much. You're pretty basic when it comes to cooking, sticking with simple favorites like bread, meats, and fresh fruits.

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If you're in a serious relationship with Raclette, than you're the glue that holds your family and friends together. While you might initially come off as cold, the second you warm up to people you're a pretty magical individual. You're a bit nutty at times, but that's why people love you.

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