This Is What Your Favorite Cheerios Flavor Says About Your Personality

published Aug 3, 2016
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General Mills announced that they’re adding a brand new Cheerios flavor to their roster this year: pumpkin spice. This new addition could hit shelves as soon as this month. It was news to me that Cheerios had any flavors outside of “Original,” “Honey Nut,” and “Multigrain,” but in fact, there are currently 14 different boxes to choose from. Did you have any idea? What did you grow up eating? Do you still eat cereal at all?

Well, it turns out your favorite Cheerios flavor can say a lot about you as a person. There’s a difference between the people who gravitate towards “Original” versus “Frosted,” so what camp do you fall into? Choose your favorite box and we’ll tell you what that says about you and your personality. Yes, Pumpkin Spice is an option.

If you love the original version of Cheerios, people consider you to be wholesome and kind. You’re the type of neighbor who will mow someone’s lawn without being asked and volunteer as an assistant soccer coach for a young girls team. You’re very giving and that’s what makes you special. Sometimes people think you’re boring, but you don’t need to listen to them.

If you could always go for an extra bowl of Honey Nut, then you’re the creative type. While your daily job might be something a little more regimented, you spend all your free time perusing something that uses your imagination. You love cooking, spending time with friends, and taking spontaneous day trips to new places. In another life, you might have been an illustrator.

If the thought of eating a bowl of Multigrain Cheerios makes you weak in the knees, then you’re adventurous. You love being active whenever you can — whether that’s going on long hikes, rock climbing, or doing yoga outside. You strive for balance in all things you do. You’re generally very relaxed.

If you can’t get enough of Frosted Cheerios, then you’re a total sweetheart. You always bake a cake for your friend’s birthday, and you never miss your parent’s wedding anniversary. You love being around animals — especially dogs because they have a lot of energy.

If you’re all about the Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, that means you’re courageous and bold. You were the kid in the playground who wouldn’t let bullies mess around with the younger kids. You ran for class president to actually make a difference. You hold a stressful job that you love because it challenges you.

If you grab all the limited-edition boxes of Strawberry Cheerios during the spring and summer, then you’re a little bit goofy with a carefree spirit. You have a ton of energy — almost too much at times — and you always seem to bounce out of bed in the morning. It takes a lot to make you upset or feel down, and that’s why people love being around you.

If you swoon after this cereal, then you’re a great listener. You’ve very observant, and have a way of picking up on people’s emotions. You have a very hard time making decisions when it comes to big and small things. You’re not one to be spontaneous about anything. You have a few friends who you care deeply about.

If you love this type of Cheerios, that means you’re super smart. You might have been nerdy growing up, maybe you even played Dungeons and Dragons, but when you got a little older you found a solid group of friends and really grew into those glasses. Your dream is to be a tenured professor at a school in the middle of nowhere.

If you seek out Fruity Cheerios at the grocery store, then you’re a kid at heart. You like playing with your younger cousins at the playground and making up silly games. Some people might consider you to be a little naive or dimwitted, but they probably just take things too seriously. You have a harder time keeping a job and tend to bounce back and forth between projects.

If you have a crush on Chocolate Cheerios that means you’re a hedonist. You live for the moment, and don’t tend to think about the consequences of your actions. You have a lot of friends and go out whenever you can. Sometimes you get in trouble at work for not putting in the extra hours to get things done, but it doesn’t bother you.

If you pine for Multigrain Cheerios with Peanut Butter, then you’re totally fabulous. When you walk into a room, everyone seems to notice. Your skin radiates, your hair is silky and thick, and you seem to pick up hobbies with ease. That half marathon you did last month? You didn’t even train for it.

If you have your eyes on this type of Cheerios, then you have a rich and deep soul. Some might call you mysterious, or even cold, but you’re just complicated. You have a dark past that you don’t like talking about. You have a backbone, however, and you stand up for what you believe in.

You’re a family person if you love this type of Cheerios. You might have kids, or are planning on having kids one day. You are very nurturing, and know exactly when to be kind and when to be strict. You’re probably in a profession where these skills are best utilized — maybe a nurse. Your dream vacation is on a beach with your family and lots of BBQ.

You’re a wise bird if you like this type of Cheerios. You seek balance whenever possible in your life, and you give guidance and strength to everyone around you. You’re meant to be in a job that helps or teaches people — maybe a life coach position.


Pumpkin Spice Cheerios

Some might consider you to be basic if you love these Cheerios, but honestly they’re probably just jealous of your ability to be exactly who you are. You don’t care if loving fall is cliché and you don’t care if UGG boots are kind of goofy (they’re comfy!). Keep on being you.