What’s Your Morning Coffee Ritual? And What Do You Want to Learn About Coffee?

published Feb 18, 2014
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(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

Is coffee an integral part of your day? It’s pretty crucial to mine. It’s not just the caffeine (although that’s not incidental), but the ritual of brewing, the aroma, the first hot sip and the last cool one, flavors emerging and blooming throughout the cup. My husband and I have more than a few ways to make our morning brew; we kind of geek out on the whole process. But I’m always curious to learn more about coffee and other people’s morning rituals. What’s yours, and is there anything you’re hoping to learn about coffee this year?

At the moment I’m curious about Turkish coffee. A friend brought us a bag of finely ground coffee from Istanbul, and I don’t really know how to brew it. I don’t have the correct pot either. So that’s on my list of things to learn next about coffee.

What about you? Do you start your day with a robust French press? Do you love your pod espresso machine? Are you an aficionado of the lovely Chemex? Are you looking to branch out in any way with your coffee routine?