What Would Be a Good Lunch for a Valentine’s Ski Trip?

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Q: What is a good lunch to pack for a Valentine’s ski trip that requires an overnight stay in a hotel beforehand? We will have a camping cooler. I want it to be tasty since its our first trip to Tahoe together and for Valentine’s.

I figure I can bring cookies, non-perishables, and make a thermos of coffee or cocoa in the hotel. I want to make sandwiches but unsure about this, in case there is no mini-fridge.

Sent by Karolyn

Editor: Karolyn, for lunches on the go, we love simple, European-style meals of bread, cheese, and fruit. You could add a salami, too — the kind that doesn’t need to be refrigerated until it’s opened. Here’s a guide to cheese that travels well:

You could put together Farmer’s Lunch Sandwiches with bread, cheese, and an apple, too! Add in a decadent treat, like chewy chocolate cookies and it would be a great lunch. You could also add an extra thermos with chicken broth or miso soup, too.

Readers, any more ideas for a romantic ski lunch for Karolyn?

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