What Will Be The Next Bacon? Our Top 5 Trend Predictions

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Cupcakes will probably never completely go out of style. But it’s looking more and more like bacon will be joining cake pops in a perhaps overdue exit from the spotlight. But let’s not dwell. What new food trends do you see as up and coming?

Food trends are unpredictable in nature. Some rise into popularity seemingly overnight and then disappear without a trace, while others linger on for years (*cough cough CUPCAKES! cough cough*). Who knows what will spark our collective curiosity next?

Here are our best guesses:

1. Paletas – These intensely flavored popsicles hit with a bang this summer, thanks in no small part to Fany Gerson’s swoon-worthy cookbook.

2. Kombucha – As a drink on it’s own, kombucha is already trending in a big way. How much do you want to bet that we’re going to start seeing things like kombucha sorbet and kombucha-marinated shrimp skewers?

3. Tacos – Tacos were already huge last year, and have only been picking up steam. Authentic Mexican tacos and Korean-influenced tacos and even asparagus-cherry tacos right here on The Kitchn!

4. Bugs – Edible bugs are popping up all over the place, from grasshopper tacos in San Francisco (double trend!) to cicada ice cream in Missouri. With the continuing focus on finding sustainable food sources, I’m guessing that crunchy high-protein insects as ingredients is going to be picking up traction.

5. Obscure Desserts – I’m not sure what to call this trend – maybe it’s still pre-emerging? I’m talking about desserts like kouign amman and eccles cakes that are resurfacing from culinary history in a big way. Maybe one of these desserts will be our new trend; maybe it will be all of them?!

What are you guesses for new food trends?

(Images: Ten Speed Press/Paul O’Hanlon © 2011 from Paletas by Fany Gerson and Cambria Bold)

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