What Was Your Mom's Home Cure for the Common Cold?

What Was Your Mom's Home Cure for the Common Cold?

Faith Durand
Mar 21, 2011

I have the sniffles, and I am plying them liberally with zinc tablets, ginger tea, and cold medicine. When I have a cold, sometimes I just wish Mom was around to make me a bowl of chicken soup and a bit of lime Jell-O (so artificially green, but so nice on a sore throat!). And it made me wonder: What was your mom's cure for the common cold?

While you'd have to pry my Advil Cold & Sinus from my cold, shivering hands, I find that home remedies do bring nearly equal relief and comfort. Ginger and honey tea goes down in the gallons, this time of year. Chicken soup of course is always wonderful. Sometimes these old home cures, the ones from our mothers, fathers, and grandmothers, hold wisdom and insight into curing us, body and soul, of winter sickness.

So share that wisdom with us: What did your mother feed you when you had a cold? What was her kitchen cure?

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(Images: Faith Durand; Kathryn Hill)

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