Tell Us! Best Kitchen Gift You Gave or Received This Year?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We talked a lot about kitchen gifts both homemade and extravagant before the holidays, and now we’re curious: What was the best kitchen gift you gave or received this year? Is there anything new in your kitchen that you’re itching to use?

I personally had a complete surprise from Santa (errr… my awesome husband) and received a new Staub Dutch oven. It’s already gone into use, with an inaugural 2010 braise of short ribs in red wine. It’s totally beautiful, and so fun to cook with.

On the giving side, I was very excited to give my younger brother three good knives from Forschner; he’s been getting into cooking more and more, and good knives are essential! (And bah to the superstition about giving knives as gifts; knives rank high up there on my list of things to give and receive at any time!)

What about you? Do you have something new and fun to cook with in these dark, wintry days? Did you find just the right kitchen tool for a friend or family member? Tell us!

(Image: Faith Durand)