What Was the Best Dinner Party You Ever Went To?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This week is all about dinner, and we’re looking at both ends of the spectrum: Fast easy weeknight meals, and also the leisurely, well-planned dinner party. (We love dinner parties!) And we’re curious: What was the very best dinner party you’ve ever been to, and why was it so memorable?

I have been to many enjoyable dinner parties — from my own wedding, to casual meals of lasagna and salad with family. One particularly memorable dinner party was in New York City last spring with The Kitchn’s wine writer, Mary Gorman, and her family. The conversation and the food (and the wine, of course!!) were wonderful, and it was a good reminder to me that dinner is such a nice way to fill an entire evening. We lingered over multiple courses, many bottles of wine, and tottered home hours later, so replete with good conversation and food, it felt like the evening had been full to the brim.

What about you? What are some of your best dinner party memories and experiences?

(Image: Jules Grun)