What Vegetarian Meals Can I Make in the Slow Cooker Besides Soup?

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Q: We have crazy work schedules and rely on the slow cooker for at least a couple meals a week. Most of our current recipes involve meat, and we’re really trying to cut back on it. We do have some meatless soups and stews that we enjoy from the slow cooker, but we can’t live on soup alone.

Does anyone have suggestions for meatless slow-cooker meals that are not soup or stew? I feel like I’m really struggling to come up with any other options!

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Editor: Soups and stews always seem to feel like the default vegetarian slow-cooker meals, but there are a lot of other great options, too! Here are a few recipes I hope you enjoy.

Kitchn readers, what are your favorite vegetarian slow-cooker meals, beyond soups and stews?