What Type of Chocolate Do I Need for This Devil’s Food Cake Recipe?

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Q: I have an old recipe that calls for “Baker’s Premium Chocolate No. 1.” Baker’s no longer markets a product called that, at least not that I can find. I have looked online, but cannot find which, if any, of their current products is the same. Is this unsweetened? Semi-sweet? Dark?

I am trying to find the right recipe for the chocolate cake my grandmother used to make for our family, which she seems to have taken to her grave. I have high hopes for this old devil’s food cake recipe I found in her recipe box, but I don’t know which type of chocolate to get. Please help!

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Editor: Given that most devil’s food cakes are known for their pronounced chocolate flavor, my guess is this recipe is calling for unsweetened chocolate. It you take a look at recipes for devil’s food cake or red velvet cake pre-1950s, most recipes are calling for unsweetened chocolate.

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